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In a nutshell…

In a nutshell

Naturally, I love reading, but I also love dogs, art, and all things NOLA. I bleed black & gold (New Orleans Saints football), and I’d rather spend my money socializing with family and friends than buying clothes. I want waterproof earbuds that don’t break so I can swim while listening to a good book, and I think Chai Tea and Crème Brûlée are to die for!

My favorite place to read is poolside in my backyard, where my wonderful husband built me a pool. Yes, I said built, as in, dug the hole with a shovel! It took him three years, but he said it was a labor for his love. Me!
By day, I hold a job that ensures my bills don’t go unpaid, but I’m someone else by night. I am whatever character I’m reading on my Kindle.

Thank you for checking out my oasis of romance novels. Please note that I am an Amazon Affiliate; by using these links to purchase books, you support The Kindle Kween. Thank you!

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