Category: 4 stars

  • Drop Dead Gorgeous

    Drop Dead Gorgeous

    “remember advice I heard once, from where I don’t know, that said ‘don’t let them take you to a secondary location’.” ― Lauren Landish, Drop Dead Gorgeous

  • Say You Do

    Say You Do

    My brother is an idiot; he’s getting married. And I’m in charge of getting things together since our folks are gone.

  • Transference


    trans·fer·ence: n. in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, a client’s feelings for a therapist. May be used to understand the origins of the client’s emotional and psychological problems. A MUST READ.

  • Steele Shadows Security Series

    Steele Shadows Security Series

    Hidden deep in the remote mountains of Berry Springs is a private security firm where some go to escape, and others find exactly what they’ve been looking for.

  • Enemies


    So much better than a classic sports romance. A MUST READ.

  • Star light, Star bright

    Star light, Star bright

    “survivors can live and love more fully than people who haven’t stared death in the face.” ― Glendy Vanderah, Where the Forest Meets the Stars

  • A Sunday Evening Read

    A Sunday Evening Read

    “It takes time to change the way we see ourselves. It takes time and conscious effort to undo years of conditioning. And that’s what has happened to you. Conditioning.” – Storm by Janie Crouch

  • Made of Steel Series by Ivy Smoak

    Made of Steel Series by Ivy Smoak

    Dark, romantic suspense trilogy.

  • Norcross #1

    Norcross #1

    A sexy, fast-paced romance with a heroine in danger who’s sworn off men (and gets kidnapped…a lot)

  • Kyle & Meredith

    Kyle & Meredith

    “It had been the best night I could ever remember having. Everything about Kyle was good and right and hopeful. I hadn’t felt imperfect or wounded all night. But he was Reed’s brother. My first love. My only love. I didn’t want that to be an issue, but it was. It had to be. Not just for me, but for him. I was Meredith Hobbs, after all. The woman who could never outrun her reputation. At least, not in Lovely.”