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  • Best Friends Don’t Kiss

    Best Friends Don’t Kiss

    There’s nothing better to read in February than a RomCom. Right? Don’t let the Ho-Ho-Holiday turn you off because if you are like me, I hate reading Christmas romance when it’s not the holiday season, but this is too cute to miss.

  • I Hate You

    I Hate You

    “I don’t know. What do we have to lose?” Only the rest of me.

  • Enemies


    So much better than a classic sports romance. A MUST READ.

  • An Epic Hunted Romance

    An Epic Hunted Romance

    The Hunted Series by Ivy Smoak This is a forbidden student/teacher romance. Penny is a college sophomore and literally runs into James Hunter at a coffee shop. They have instant chemistry but then she discovers he is her professor. Hunter is a billionaire, alpha man, who has a filthy mouth and pushes all of Penny’s […]

  • Misogynistic? Yes!

    Misogynistic? Yes!

    I just want to share something my father once told me. He said if you love someone, and they love you, there’s no point taking offense in what they say or do to you, because they never mean you harm, anyway. And if you don’t love someone, if you don’t care about them, then there’s no point in taking offense in what they say or do to you, because you don’t care about them. Either way—” “You don’t get offended,” ― L.J. Shen, The Hunter

  • I Regret Nothing

    I Regret Nothing

    “It means people who make mistakes usually learn from them. That doesn’t make them hypocrites. It makes them experienced.” ― Colleen Hoover, Regretting You

  • Made of Steel Series by Ivy Smoak

    Made of Steel Series by Ivy Smoak

    Dark, romantic suspense trilogy.

  • Norcross #1

    Norcross #1

    A sexy, fast-paced romance with a heroine in danger who’s sworn off men (and gets kidnapped…a lot)

  • Ivy & Reed

    Ivy & Reed

    This book has mature content that some readers may find troubling. It is intended for readers 18 and up.

  • The Next Steel Generation

    Bella by M.J. Fields My rating: 3 of 5 stars This is the sixth book in the Men of Steel Series by MJ Fields. I absolutely love the Steel men but Jase is my favorite and I was over the moon when I saw his oldest daughter, Bella had a book. Bella Steel hasn’t had […]